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General Questions about Master Jeon - U.S. Taekwondo

Who can benefit from our training?

It's a common misperception that only physical athletes can participate in martial arts training. While this may be true within other styles, the Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo thrives on it's diversified student body comprised of all ages, genders, and ability levels. Though the personal goals for each student may differ, the universal traits to achieve success in our organization carry over into all aspects of life.

How do I advance belt levels?

Belt testings occur every 10 weeks; Master Jeon and other Masters determine student eligibility. As the belts progress and the curriculum becomes more challenging, it is common for a full comprehension of material to take longer than a standard testing cycle. Generally, testings are comprised of several element that individually score each student's performance. The sum of these scores determines whether a student passes and moves on to the next belt level. Students that are not promoted to a higher rank are automatically rolled into the next testing cycle.

Does your school participate in tournaments and competitions?

Definitely! We participate in regional, national, and international competitions and (with permission) open tournaments throughout the various martial arts communities. There are also two or three National tournaments and one World Championship tournament each year that our students frequently attend. Though tournament participation is not required, it is our believe that these tournaments offer an exciting opportunity for our students to gain invaluable insight on their strengths and weaknesses in addition to getting exposure to other competitive styles.

What does sparring entail?

Unlike other martial arts schools, the Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo doesn't throw inexperienced beginners into a fighting ring to learn through their mistakes. Instead, all students are required to earn their Orange belt (the 3rd belt) before being allowed to start sparring. During the first two belts, students are trained on One Step Sparring techniques designed to carefully introduce the fundamentals of combat interaction and reaction drills. Once students master the Basic techniques and begin sparring, safety is our number one priority. All sparring gear is mandatory to participate the sparring class and includes Shin & In-step Guard, Arm Guard, Chest Guard, Mouth Guard, Groin Cup (for boy) and a Head Gear. During a sparring match, the goal is not to harm or inflict pain on the opponent. During a sparring match, the goal is not to harm or inflict pain on the opponent. Instead, a highly controlled point system is in place encouraging and rewarding students that can hit strike points with the most control. This teaching method ensures a safe, fun, and challenging environment while also strengthening speed, power, and control in the event these skills are needed in a real-world setting.

How much are your tuition and membership fees?
Because Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo offers multiple payment plans and programs, we don't provide tuition fees without a personalized, face-to-face consultation. During the initial consultation, we can identify student goals, physical abilities, schedule constraints, number of household participants, and previous experience to generate a tailored monthly membership cost to fit your needs. We believe that Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo offers a unique value for a superior program and we're confident that you'll agree with the other thousands of students that train with us!

Will every student gain the same benefit from Taekwondo training?

Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo has developed and refined several programs for a variety of purposes. Over the years, Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo has come to realize that our vast student body has discovered nearly endless possibilities to apply their martial arts training. It is for this reason that we have worked hard to develop programs that will help actualize these goals rather than forcing our students into one, linear area of study. Taekwondo is always evolving and as such, Master Jeon - U.S.Taekwondo will continuously develop and improve our programs to ensure our students have as much access to the different aspects of Taekwondo as possible.

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