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 Top 10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children

To Earn Their Black Belts



  1. Be committed to regular attendance 2 times per week.


  2. Help your child to understand and follow school rules. This will speed up the development of greater focus, respect and self discipline.


  3. Watch your child’s classes as often as you can. So that you can praise them for improvements in understanding and performance, as well as the achievement of tips and belts.


  4. Respect and support the Master’s decisions regarding tip/belt progress, as they will always be acting in your child’s best interest.


  5. Be optimistic and encouraging even when your child shows temporary signs of frustration or boredom. Such occurrences are common and even necessary to developing high level of skills.


  6. Communicate with the Masters and the Manager about progress or challenges your child is experiencing both in and out of the school


  7. Attend special events such as tournament and school parties. They are excellent for creating enthusiasm and helping your child make new friends


  8. Practice at home in short, highly positive sessions to demonstrate your support to your child.


  9. Review the student manual. Especially helpful sections:

    * Guidelines for Younger Students,

    * The Five Aims of Tae Kwon Do,

    * Eleven Commandments,

    * Student Creed & etc.


  10. Attend classes with them!!! (We have a Family Class Ask for Master Jeon)



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