Dream Team

U.S.Taekwondo School- Taekwondo Demonstration Team

What is the demo team?


The demo team is a group of U.S.Taekwondo School students who participate in demonstrations at various events such as festivals, often on a stage area. They are a performance team that trains exclusively for demos every Thursday.


How are the members chosen?

The demo team is made up of several hard working students who are hand picked due to their dedication, good attitude in class, and good grades in school. While talent is an important element, students may be chosen for their potential and attitude towards improving. Students must be at least 8 years old and blue belt or higher.

What do they do?

The demo team participates in year round demonstrations for various events including festivals, fairs, and similar events. The team practices every Saturday regardless if they have a planned demo coming up or not. The perfromances constantly change as the team tries new and more complicated techniques. These demos included poomse (forms), one-step sparring self defense, board breaking, skits, and group synchronized kicks and punches. The team also adds new exciting moves that involve gymnastics and high jumping.

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